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Privacy Policy: The Publisher respects the privacy expectations of every reader and guest.  The Publisher has installed user interface software that uses "Cookies" to track user statistical data and login data. The Cookies contain no personal data and are only used to maintain the integrity of the interface. IP data is logged and may be retained by the interface for an indeterminate period of time. IP data may also be shared with law enforcement if a warrant or court order is issued.  No, we don't like that either, but if it comes to a choice as to which of us goes to jail - sorry, we don't like the quality of life behind bars. 

Cookies may also be used and tracked by third party advertisers that support the site. The Publisher has no control over the compilation of this data by the third party or agents of that party.

Community Based Content:  Registered users gain access to interactive forum areas where they may express their opinions, share information, and discuss topic and issues with the content producers.  They may also be granted a limited amount of space for their personal journals or "Blogs." Content Producers may use the program interface to send newsletters and items of interest to those that indicate their desire to receive such materials. Users must "Opt In" to receive this material when they register or by updating their personal profile and preferences.

The user list is NEVER sold, but Content Producers have full access to use the subscriber list for their newsletters and commercial solicitations.  

Registered users will notice that various methods of "Instant Messaging" are available to the subscriber community. Participating in these processes may reveal your email address to the subscriber/user community. Sensitive personal data may be revealed in your profile if you allow it to be shared. The Publisher is not responsible if you inadvertently, or intentionally, reveal said personal data. Contact the Publisher immediately if you feel you have a personal security issue related to this user community. 

Nature of Content: The materials published here are considered educational, informational, and entertainment. Readers should not consider any materials as official statements of policy by any government, political party, or group - unless they claim it to be.  The publisher is not liable for any content other than that which supports the development and use of the site.  The publisher does not guarantee the veracity of any statements made by content producers.  If any content is cited in any form it must be attributed TO THE CONTENT PRODUCER".  Don't try to beat us with your legal sticks, we only built the platform - and free expression is not a crime, it's a right. 

Content Producers Responsible For Their Own Submissions: Audio and video clips, debate sessions, position speeches, and opinion columns are accepted and presented by content producers affiliated with the Freedom in America network. These producers are responsible for their own content and their opinions and statements should not be ascribed to others in the network.

All materials submitted by content producers will be published as long as certain submission criteria are met. Unless the author requests the Publisher provide editor input and assistance none will be offered. Authors are advised to keep materials concise and on topic - rants just won't be published.  

Authors must make a reasonable effort to fact check. If statistics are quoted they must be correct and properly attributed. The same applies to quoted statements made by public figures and private citizens. 

  • NO slanderous or libelous statements are tolerated. Hyperbole must be kept to a minimum and foul language is simply not accepted.
  • Content Producers are asked to make a credible case for their opinions. Baseless arguments and outlandish opinions don't belong here. ET's have not invaded the government and, unless it can be proved, there is no vast conspiracy originating from 'Those people.' FACTS make the best argument, not wild accusations and gut feelings. 
  • Recordings of public (government) meetings, encounters with government officials, candidate statements and interviews are not to be edited or altered without a definitive statement included that explains why the edit was made. The raw materials will be offered for review upon demand.
  • Video and audio materials that are obviously created with the intent to incite negative reactions are not accepted or published. The Publisher offers this site as an opportunity to promote reasonable civil discourse, not as a seditious tool to promote public unrest, riot, and revolt.
  • Content Producers agree to abide by all applicable copyright laws and provisions when uploading or streaming. Upon notice and demand by an authorized copyright holder, or agent, the Publisher will restrict or remove the offending materials, or suspend the accounts of implicated Content Producers.
  • Commercial content is accepted ONLY in recognized advertising formats and upon payment of our published fees.
  • By establishing an account and uploading materials Content Producers are indicating acceptance of these terms and standards.

SHOWING RESPECT FOR OTHERS. This is the most important standard of content providers. You might not like those in the opposition, but they have as much right to their opinions as you have to yours. Those that discuss their views in a civil manner usually find some common ground and find solutions. Conversely, anyone that deems it necessary to shout the loudest usually never hears the simplest and most logical answer to the most difficult of situations. 

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